UGC Team 

We are a team professional and certified coaches who have spent many years honing our own coaching skills to help our clients to moving them forward in change and transition, developing their own leadership skills, working within an ever-changing environment. These clients become successful leaders who admired, trusted, and respected in their organizations and the greater populations they serve. 

Sue Stein

Sue is the owner of Stein Coaching and Consulting, LLC.  Dr. Stein is a coach, instructional systems designer and speaker. She began coaching more than 19 years ago during her many years with the federal Government, not-for-profit, commercial sector, and university work.  Her coaching specialties include: executive leadership, career strategy, successful life transitions, and pre-retirement preparation.  She is a founder of the ICF Coaching Community of Practice.  Her coaching was featured in the Public Manager Magazine for May 2017.

Larry Westberg

Larry sows the seeds of personal growth through coaching and a continual learning process.  He coaches leaders across many different types of organizations. Currently Larry chairs the ICF Government Coaching Community of Practice.  He is also an instructor and mentor coach for the Office of Personnel Management's nine-month coach training program, which won the Best Federal Development Program Human Capital Award in 2014.

Mary Pat Donelan
Mary Pat Donelan

Mary Pat is a retired Human Resources Director from the IRS Office of Chief Counsel.  She has over 20 years of experience reviewing and editing Executive Core Competencies (ECQs). She is the owner of Explore for More LLC and has over seven years of executive coaching experience with leaders with extensive public visibility and impact on the mission of the organization. She uses her knowledge of ECQs to explore, experience, engage, empower, and encourage client action to get big results. 

Lisa J Kuruvilla

Lisa is the owner of CC Pathways, Inc., an executive coach and business strategy consulting firm. She is a guest speaker on leadership development and coaching and an instructor Mentor Coach for the University of Government Coaching working with PCC and ACC coaches seeking ICF certification. She recently presented on Eligibility vs Suitability: 12 Paradoxes of Leadership at the National Society of American Military Engineers Joint Engineering Conference, May 2018.  

Cindy Mazur

Dr. Mazur is routinely sought-out as a subject matter expert to contribute articles, teach courses, and be a guest speaker on the topic of coaching.

She teaches conflict coaching at the School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution at George Mason University and for Northern Virginia Mediation Services.  She has presented on coaching at numerous national conferences.  As a trained

mentor-coach, Cindy has mentored coaches and mentor-coaches for the last six years. She is an ICF-trained evaluator for the PCC competencies.

Marilyn P. Wiles

Marilyn is the CEO/President of Enlighteneering, Inc. She has an extraordinary background in leadership, management skills, coaching, consulting, and training.  In her roles as a member of the Senior Executive Service in the federal government, she transformed many organizations through her innovations and inspiring leadership.  She successfully led individuals and organizations to achieve extraordinary outcomes.  She specializes in strategic planning, change management, executive coaching, and consulting. 

Dorothy MacKay
Dorothy MacKay

Dorothy brings over 38 years of federal experience to her business Baybreeze Coaching and Consulting, LLC.  A former Federal Senior Executive, she led high performing strategic and tactical planning organizations through budgeting, training, and development. She developed and administered leadership and coaching programs for GS-7 through SES, and reviewed ECQs as a member of the OPM's Qualifications Review Board. While she primarily focuses on middle managers and executives, she incorporates the tenets of ECQs into coaching conversations at all levels.  

Sandra P. Buteau

Sandra is the owner of L2T Global Consulting, LLC. She is an executive leadership development coach, career strategist, mentor coach, and facilitator. She has more than 20 years of coaching experience across a spectrum of industries on all aspects of the leadership and career management processes. 

Barbara Hulick
M.Ed. & Certified Coach

Barbara is a certified executive coach, and the owner of Hulick Consulting, LLC. She has over 30 years of experience working with executive and managerial development programs in the federal government. She has reviewed, edited and written ECQs for many federal organization for over 11 years. She has 20 years of coaching experience for executive leadership and career transitions. 

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