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Course Offerings

Course Manager:  Lisa Kuruvilla
Lisa Kuruvilla
Coaching Foundations Course

Upon completion of this Program, student will have the course-required hours for the Associate Certified Coach (ACC) Certification by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).  You will learn, experience, and coach to the core competencies, ethical guidelines, and themes unique to the gold standard in coaching.

Certification in Government Coaching (CGC)

Professionals in all fields recognize the benefits of continuous learning.  The best coaches know that the more coaching experience one has, the greater the need to expand one's skills and toolboxes as coach practitioners.

This course involves the faculty's sharing the tools, techniques, and stories from their own successes and challenges specific to coaching Government Employees and Groups.  The workshop is designed to make the coaching more meaningful to all Government clients.

Course Manager:  Dorisse Shakir-Ullah

Course Manager:  Barbara Hulick
Barbara Hulick  
Certificate in Executive Core Qualifications (ECQ) Coaching

Participants practice skills and techniques in coaching federal leaders and high performing specialists in the communications of the Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs) and supporting competencies which are honed throughout their careers.  Participants coach to the themes of strategic leadership, engaging employees, gaining results, and building partnerships, unique to the Federal Government ECQs. 

Course Manager:  Lisa Kuruvilla
Lisa Kuruvilla 
Certificate of Completion in Mentor Coaching

The International Coaching Federation (ICF) identifies Mentoring as "professional assistance in achieving and demonstrating the levels of coaching competency and capability demanded by the desired credentialed level". In this program format, you will receive the assistance necessary to achieve and demonstrated the level of coaching competency expected by ICF for credentialing. 

Course Manager:  Sue Stein 
 Group Coaching Skills for Leaders and Coaches (GCS)

Practice skills and techniques necessary for team and group coaching in the context of a government workplace.  This course is designed to include the group coaching process along with several standard team and group coaching models. 


Course Manager:  Barbara Hulick 

One-on-One Skills (OCS) for Leaders in Government 

Are you interested in improving employee performance and growing organizational competency?  Coaching is a tool that can help you move forward toward your goals and in improving employee engagement. 

Certificate In Wellness Coaching (CWC)

Wellness in the workplace impacts everyone including both the work unit collectively as well as each individual.  A coach equipped with knowledge and skills in affecting behavior change and wellness resources is better prepared to coach on these issues when one or more surfaces during a workplace coaching session.

Course Manager: Barbara Hulick

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